Chapter One – Part 5


Ash headed towards the end of a wide street, a few rows away from the river until he reached the very end and approached a tall stone tower like building. The building looked around five storeys tall, although inside you would never have guessed. Planks of old rotted wood pressed against the windows, only a few windows remained intact although tainted. Glass was expensive, so the planks of wood had to suffice. The building looked older than the others around it.  Ash was certain that if anyone was to go higher than the second floor the whole thing would just topple over. It was a miracle that the building still stood. The streets around him were empty, which wasn’t unusual. As he walked closer to the building he could here faint chatter and laughing, the closer he got the more clearly he heard the sounds. An upbeat musical tune played amongst the laughing and chattering, a slight glow seeped out between the wooden planks over the windows and into the night.

 He started up to the door, pushed it open and stepped inside. The bitter stench of ale flooded instantly into Ash’s nostrils, so strong and overwhelming, he couldn’t help but gip. The air inside the room was musky and putrid. Ash began to walk towards a door at the far end of the room. The cold was no longer a problem now for Ash, instead he felt his body start to sweat as he passed through crowds of drunken peasants breathing heavily as they engulfed mug after mug of ale. He tried to distance himself away in an attempt to keep them from rubbing up against him leaving dirt, sweat, ale and any other repulsive liquids on him. This however, seemed impossible. Intoxicated men and women tumbled around the room holding onto tables, chairs and other men and women to keep themselves upright. Once he reached the door, he hurried inside and slammed it shut behind him.

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3 responses to “Chapter One – Part 5

  • egordon123

    And I think here we see the final lesson regarding all blovels: They are as easy to quit as they are to start, and the reader is left in the lurch when they are abandon by the author. An active blovel will post on a regular schedual, and it will fall down like a house of cards if that schedual is blown.

    Good luck, Dan. I’ve learned a huge amount, you just can’t imagine how much, from your experiment here.

  • dan10107

    Yes, I understand this. The amount of time it has took for me to get the next part of the Blogel up is unacceptable. I will explain why, as you know I am a student, and writing is not my focus subject. Therefore, I have to fit in my psychology studies, my social life and then alongside that I have to work so I can afford my studies. It just happens to be this week that everything has managed to get ahead of me. This wont happen again however.

    Sorry about that

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