About this Blogel

Welcome everyone. Now, hopefully you have found this ‘Blog Novel’ or ‘Blogel’ (which I will refer to it as) because you are interested in reading! Now that has been verified, and those of you who arent interested in reading have left I will tell you all a bit about the Blogel. Also, I understand there are some rules that Blog Novels are suppose to follow – which I am going to ignore, and create my own rules.

I plan on creating a trilogy at this point in time, and hopefully a book based before the time of the trilogy to give the readers insight into what led upto the events that happened in the trilogy. The trilogy itself is a fantasy, yes this means there are magic, swords, horses and all those kind of things you find in fantasy novels (bare with me!). I believe I have ideas that will set these novels aside from others . . .  but wouldnt all writers say the exact same thing? I guess you will have to see for yourself!

The format I wish to do this is by posting a blog post every few days (see how it goes – if it catches on), each post will be around 350 words each. One thing that I hope to do is find someone who can draw up a scene to summarise the post, and post this along with each post that I submit. This would mean that this person – or people’s would recieve the post before anyone else.

The first Novel in the trilogy is simply called Kataryne – Kataryne is the place where the Novel begins, and where the events take place.

The country of Kataryne is an old well known place with a very, very rich history. The country contains many secrets, all to be discovered in the trilogy – and possibly onwards.

A rebellion is in the air . . .


What do you think?

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